Faith and trust II


The next question is 'How can I not listen to myself?'
Do you always listen to yourself? Often, we think the answer is yes. But that's the wrong answer. In our upbringing, we have listened to what others are telling us and done what you hear to your own truth. As children, we are at the mercy of our parents. As youngsters, we want to fit in, but as grown-ups, we can choose to find our own truths. It's a process, a part of developing autonomy, and figure out what we stand for and what we believe in. It's important to figure out what is yours and what has been others so you can change the way you think. Often we believe that we have done enough cleaning after working with this for a while, but there is more hiding in the parts of us we have denied. In our subconscious lays the beliefs, or truths we believe in, just waiting for the possibility to affect us.

You believe in evolution. You believe that your body needs food and that you are doing a good job with your children. You believe in science but you might not believe in reincarnation, that you can communicate with dead souls or that there are dimensions we cannot see with our physical eyes. You need proof, and that is exactly what this is about.

Faith is trust in what you hope for, conviction in what is not seen.

The brain is a fantastic tool. It also connects to the collective consciousness and the energies of the universe through intuition. How can you say that you don't believe in what you experience with your intuition? Why do you need more proof than your own experience? Many people say that experiences are subjective, and that's correct, but when you learn energetic techniques that make us as objective as possible in a human body, the information we get through our intuition will be as objective as it can be for a human being.

Fatih is trust, and trust is a choice. If you are a person who has lived through many breaches of trust in your life, you might wonder how you even can rebuild your trust in the world at all. The problem is that we take things that happen way too personally. Those breaches of trust that you have experienced have been a part of your plan for what you are supposed to learn in this life. It might sound like an excuse, but it is actually true.

The little girl from the story is a grown woman. She made a choice when she looked into her own consciousness. From now on, I choose to only believe in what I see and what I feel. She lived by that for many years but could not find what she was looking for. It only made more problems for her. She got even more skeptical about everything and everybody around her and was so much in herself that she wasn't able to see others. She isolated to avoid other people's opinions and became a very lonely woman. The meaning didn't matter to her anymore, and inside, she felt it was a good thing. What she didn't understand was that all people and all lifeforms on Earth are one. By isolating, and not listening to others, she lost a dimension in life. She had found the belief in herself, but lost her belief in the world. What have I done wrong? She asked herself in her most lonely moments. What have I done wrong? The woman had lost her trust in the universe. All choices she made were only based on what was best for her. Isn't that what I'm supposed to do? She asked herself. Yes, you should, but not without love for others. The unconditional love. The recognition that we are all one.

But how can I do that? Both put myself first and think of others? By reaching out a hand, by seeing that you and the world around you are one. By bypassing your own ego and listen to others but still distance you self and not take things personally. That's what many people do. Take everything others are saying or doing as a personal attack on them. Often that can lead to not daring to voice your own meanings in fear of what others may say. Therefore, you of the say one thing and really mean something else.

It's about surrendering, accepting that things are as they are. Also in the faith and trust department. You have to surrender to faith and feel it from the inside. We have to take back the form of faith that was before. The pure faith which didn't contain all this modern, critical resistance most of us hang on to. That's what faith is. Faith in yourself, the belief that you can get things done. The inner peace when the choice you have made includes that you choose to have faith and trust the universe without questioning what you experience all the time. To trust something, to believe in something and have trust is a choice. If you make this choice, your anxiety and with it your resistance will disappear as fog on a sunny day.

The woman who choose to isolate understood that when she did that, she lost a dimension of life which she was supposed to have. She was supposed to be with others, listen to others, and share with others from kindness. Without all the time being in defense position and take thing personally. Embracing this changed perspective, she set out into the world and discovered a completely different reality, actively seeking crowded places and approaching others with friendliness rather than hostility. She managed to put down her thoughts about what other would think about her and what she thought about them. She saw them for who they were, as a part of the whole. A part of the life energy she also was a part of.

She no longer resisted her life. Others started to be kind to her and give her attention. The hostility she had sent out was gone, and she smiled at the world and it actually smiled back at her. She didn't worry anymore about what had been in the past nor what would happen in the future. It was no easy journey, and she had many fights with herself. But when she understood that life's energy wasn't against her but with her, she woke up and stopped fighting life itself. She was in the moment and let life lead her. It was in the moment happiness had been hiding.

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