How it came to be


The Santya Method and how it came to be.

18 years ago, I was teaching energy techniques and received the first flavor of what today is The Santya Method. A few people here in Norway learned it and some continued the practice to help others.

At that time, I was turning to Western Philosophy and when I started at the University of Oslo to get my master in the subject, I put everything I had done with the energetic work, readings, healings and teachings, away, even in the way I lived. I tried to conform to the academic lifestyle and my way of thinking had to go in that direction too. I couldn't talk to anyone about that kind of things. Believe me, I tried, but ended up closing off my gifts and everything that I was good at while I was a student. It was like dying a little every day. When you are born with clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognition, it's like closing down a part of the Self, which maybe is the most living part of you.

After receiving my diploma, I slowly opened up for that part of me again, but still took a normal job as a leader in documentation. It led to me meeting the wall for the second time in this life. I woke up one morning and couldn't get up. My legs didn't work. My body had gone to strike, and I couldn't do anything other than to listen to it.

It was a year before I slowly came back to society. I had used the months on my couch to rest and think. A lot. Specially about why I was living this life. I started a journey with Biodanza and for the next seven years, I put myself back together again, bit by bit. I met a lot of challenges, but the journey led me to a point where I could take back and open up to what I previously had closed down in myself.

The Path back was still not over and it me even more years before I came out of the Alternative closet again and created a school for clairvoyance with a few students. Life pushed and pushed, and, in the end, I had to acknowledge that I was a healer. I had denied that part all my life. I couldn't picture myself, a person who didn't feel that I knew how to deal with life at all should have the ability to help others. Specially not as a healer. How could I call myself a healer?

As a Philosophical Practitioner and QHHT hypnotist, I still met people who came to me for help and all of them helped me on my path. It was in that process that The Santya Method came to me. I have always known that I am a channel, even though I have denied that part also for a long time. But my paintings and the information I received and how I helped my clients were always through channeling. I just had to admit it to myself. But I had never imagined that I would be the channel for a healing method that was supposed to be spread out throughout the entire world.

Gradually I got in contact with my Lemurian teacher Santori. He helped me download the basic method for this healing.

The first time he contacted me, although I didn't understand that it was him, was during my preparation for a hypnosis client. It was only ten minutes until she was coming and suddenly the words Crystal Healing popped into my head like a blinking neon sign.

I was a little chocked since I never had thought that I was going to work with crystals or be a healer again. I have received crystal healing myself a few times, and it was fantastic, but I didn't feel that I had any experience in the field that I could bring to others.

The sign was blinking in bright colors, and I always take that kind of messages seriously. I sat down and meditated a few minutes to see if I got more information and then the memories from one of my previous lives in Lemuria came up before my inner sight. I had seen them back and forth many times through the years, but the pictures I saw this time, which I also had seen before, were of me working with crystal healing. I still wondered if I should take a crystal healing session with a healer myself or if this was a message indicating that I should work with it. The answer was clear. I needed to work with crystals.

I am curious by nature and started at once to think about which crystals I should use and what meaning they had and so on, and that I had to Google all of that after my hypnosis client was gone. But again, a clear message came through. No. You just go to a crystal shop, and we will guide you to the correct crystals. I had to hold myself back for several days before.

When I'm saying 'they' I mean Santori and the team that works with him to transfer the method to us in our century. Santori is the primary teacher for Crystal Healing in Lemuria and his energy is in the methods and crystals he has led me to choose for each module. I am currently writing The Santya Method book, and I had my concerns about how his energy and true force could be transferred through this kind of medium, but he assured me they were going to ensure that every single person who has a genuine wish to use the methods will be connected to the Santya field.

In the process of creating this course with the four modules and several techniques, I understood that the Santya Method is here to help people through the shift in consciousness that Earth's people are going through right now. The Crystal Healing from Lemuria is part of that process.

The Santya Method is about healing the consciousness. It all starts here, in the energy field, in the client's consciousness. Through the method, we are also helping the client to take one more step into the shift in consciousness from the third to the fifth dimension. That shift is about how we see the world and how we meet other people. Our inner experience of the situation will decide how we react to what's happening.

The techniques of the method is strong and pure. I am honored to have been chosen, I'm sure among others, to help earth and its people through this ascension. I hope many will join me. 

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