Welcome to The Santya Method's blog


Welcome to The Santya Method's blog.
My name is Maryanne Berg-Hansen, and I have been working with energy techniques for over 25 years. I was born in a little town in Vestfold in Norway, but when I was only three weeks old my family moved to Oslo. I grew up in a new suburb on the east side of town.

This blog is connected to my channeled healing method The Santya Method, and I will share thoughts from the process with you as we go forward. I will also be sharing my thoughts and text of teachings that have come to me over the years.

As a child, I saw a lot of things that others didn't see. I saw dead people; I communicated with my guides, and I perceived the world mostly as energies. My family was atheists and sworn to science as their belief system. I tried to tell my parents about what I saw, but they dismissed it as nonsense. I tried to tell the few friends I had about it, but they didn't even understand the words I used. When I was twelve years old, I could take the subway by myself, and every week I went to the library. The first time I met, or even heard about the other side, was in a book called 'Agnes Cecilia' written by a Swedish author named Maria Gripe. This book was a turning point for me, and I understood I was not the only one in the world having these kinds of experiences. I read as much books as I could about the subject, and slowly my world fell into place.

Many years later I had just been divorced and lived with my young daughter in another suburb in Oslo. One night I found a website, randomly. It described many of my own experiences and I knew I needed to contact them. Long story short, I started the education to become a clairvoyant reader and had finally found some people who had the same experiences of life as me.

I remember crying every time I was there for the first weeks. It was overwhelming being believed, being seen for who I was, being encouraged to share what I saw. The techniques I learned were helping me give all that I saw a structure and transforming it to something that I could use to help others. I also discovered my healing powers for the first time. It was the most joyous years of my life. The surrounding people believed me, and in me, and I felt that I finally had found a purpose in life. After I had finished the education, I worked with client some years before I started to teach myself. I had already been teaching the flute for many years, and the role as a teacher was something I liked to do and felt natural to me. I thought my path had been shown me and I was grateful. But life had some twists and turns waiting for me. I will tell you about that next time.

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