Remote healing 
The Santya Method

We are happy to offer remote healing to our audience outside Norway!

A remote healing with The Santya Method will help your energetic system to recover and flow in a natural way.

We remove blockages, connecting parts that are disconnected, make sure your energetic bodies is on their right places so you can get access to the energy that actually is there for you, and we also working with the chakras and making sure they are aligned and working properly, and so on.

With this method we can also work with recovering the organs energy and work with your immune system. This will help your body to self-recovery.

One of the main feedbacks we get from clients is that they feel more clear in their heads, happier, have more energy and some have great spiritual experiences during the healing.

We start the session with a small conversation.

Then you lay down in a quite space when I work with your energy. It's perfectly normal to fall asleep during the healing. I call you when I've finished the work and we will share our experience.

One session last about 60 minutes (including our contact before and after the healing).

Price: 86 euro

Your first session will be half the price: 43 euro

You can also book five healings at a time.

Price for five healings: 390 euro

Payments through PayPal. 

To book a remote healing with the Santya method, send an email to Put 'Remote healing' in the subject field. Remember to tell me your full name and telephone number (including country code).

If you want to work directly with your own journey from the third to the fifth dimension, send me an email om and put 'From third to fifth dimension' in the subject field. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to working with you!

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