Faith and trust I


Faith is trust in what you hope for, conviction in what is not seen.
What's trust, really? Are there any good answers to that?

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who asked big questions. With wonder, she observed her surroundings and sensed that something was wrong. Her parents continuously pointed out that everything she said and did was wrong. Everything she was, were wrong. However, deep down, she knew she was right. She was right. Upon reaching adulthood, she had lost this knowledge. She had listened to everybody around her, and they still told her she was wrong. She had lost faith in faith. Throughout the years, she fought and pushed herself to stay within the confines of the image others believed she should embody. Both in her career and in her personal life.

But one day she said stop. She sat down on her bed and felt that she was nothing. In a glimpse, she saw the little girl she once was and remembered how everything inside her had protested. Consumed by sorrow and believing she would never have that faith again, she lay down. She had to cling to the bed as the room whirled before her eyes. A small moment she had a falling feeling. But she didn't. In the middle of the storm, a remarkable tranquillity arose inside of her.

A serene tranquility enveloped everything, impossible to put into words. Does it matter what others think? No. She knew the answer herself, got up from the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. I am not the person everyone claims me to be. I am me. I cannot be defined by any label. But who am I? She looked herself deeply into the eyes as for searching for herself, and there she found the answer. I am more than just a form. There's a latent power within me I have not yet tapped into. But it is there.

People often wonder how it's possible to develop faith or believe in something when you didn't have it in your upbringing. But turn it around a little. If you have had such an upbringing, then the belief you learned was not to believe. This belief extended to every aspect of your life, causing you to lose faith in the power of belief. If that's the case, you can believe that you don't believe or have faith in anything.

Many individuals hold on to this belief going into their adult lives. Then they begin to explore their own faith. Seeking a sense of wholeness, they tore themselves apart only to rebuild themselves. Most people seek a sense of wholeness. We are already whole. Our task is to address the specific aspects within the entirety, showing respect and inclusivity for every part of ourselves. Many identify with their thoughts, but they are not the definition of all we are. You are more than just your form.

There comes a point in life when we realize we are more than just work, food, kids, and fitness. We acknowledge that there is something within us that exceeds our humanity. At that point, you may begin to have faith. Many people say that they have made extensive efforts to believe and have faith, all hoping to see a positive change in their lives. Although the belief was supposed to change their life, nothing has happened. The reason is that there's a small part of you that lacked belief. And this small part has told you it doesn't help whatever you do. No matter how much you try, you won't be able to believe. What kind of belief are we talking about? Religious belief, belief in yourself, belief in our own power to create? We are talking about all forms of faith. Faith is trust in what you hope for, conviction in what is not seen.

We all have a little voice inside us. It's what this tiny voice says that makes all the difference. Many of us have a voice in our heads that is skeptical all the time. Skeptical to what we do, no matter what it is. Most will not sign up for a course, or read a book about something they don't believe in. Especially not a course where intuition has the primary focus. They believe that what they can experience in those kinds of courses is plain fantasy and will not help them at all.

But what is this voice? One thing it makes sure of is to ensure that you remain skeptical and don't believe. The answer might appear overly simple. You point fingers at something external, but that's not the actual cause. The voice is you.

To be continued…..

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